The Other Side of Complicated Grief

This website is about my personal experiences surrounding the tragic deaths of my husband and son within two years of each other. During the decade that followed the death of my loved ones, I was also forced to face my own mortality due to several life-threatening illnesses. These experiences thrust me into the unwanted world of complicated grief.

RassouliThrough the turmoil and suffering of these experiences, and my search for answers, I eventually learned how to transform my pain through emotional and spiritual growth. I discovered that the questions I had about death ultimately lead me to deeper questions about the greater meaning of life.

I have researched the philosophy, science, metaphysics and theology of death, life, God and the universe for a decade. Each piece of truth that I uncovered helped me develop a spiritual path that allowed me to transform my grief, eventually arriving on the other side, ready to live life again. I knew through these experiences that my loved ones were safe and happy in another spiritual realm.

My hope is that my experience and search for answers will help to spark the flame that will light the way for someone else’s journey on the path of grief. Ultimately, we each have to find our own answers and our own path to the other side. But, through joined understanding and support, we can help to illuminate each other’s path.

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