The Symbolic Ornament that can help Heal your Grief; a guided meditation on the love you shared with your lost loved one

When we are caught in the tentacles of grief, our pain is unrelenting and at times unbearable.

The gash in our hearts and our lives seems unrepairable.

But, what if, at the very core of our being, we KNEW that our lost loved one would always be with us? And what if we could create a symbolic reminder of that continued connection.

Through the memories of the love we shared – the moments of connection, the sharing of life and joy, suffering and sadness – through all of these incredible experiences that we had with our loved one, we create a way for this love to live on, not only in our hearts, but in infinity.

This love had a purpose and has left a permanent imprint not only on our hearts, but on the very fabric of existence.

This love mattered. And its energy is eternal.

I want you to put your hands together, as if you are waiting for a gift to be placed into them.

Shut your eyes. Connect with all of the love you have for your lost loved one.ornament 5

Remember all of the experiences you shared with them. The happy ones, the sad ones. The ones that didn’t seem important at the time, but now you realize were precious gifts.

I want you to pour every ounce of love and connection you felt with your loved one – not only memories from the past, but the love that you still feel for them – into your outstretched, waiting hands.

A globe of light appears within your hands. A light that has been created by the love and memories that you share with your loved one.

Now imagine a sacred crystal covering and containing this loving light and energy.

Our memories and love for our loved one now resembles the most incredible crystal ornament, radiating a translucent and luminous light outward in all directions.ornament 9

This ornament is symbolic of the love we were so very fortunate to share, and that we still share, with our loved one.

Our love will be perpetually with us, contained within our crystal ornament.

The ornament will radiate the love and energy that we placed into it, directly into our heart, and  can be a tool to help soothe the pain of our loss.

We can also put our crystal ornament safely away when we need to get on with the doings of life, knowing that is always readily available to us.

We can take it out whenever we need a reminder of how amazing the experience of loving this person was. And, as a reminder that the love we shared continues.

Our loved ones are never lost to us. Our connection will always exist.

This love we share is sacred and very powerful. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we still have access to this love.

Imagine the crystal ornament hanging on your tree, or as a necklace, around your neck, hanging closely to your heart.

A reminder that your loved one is always with you.

Let the memories of the love you share heal your heart.





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