Grief: The Process of Grieving

Grief: The Process of Grieving

Grief is a stage of life that people will go through at some point in their lives. It is a strong reaction that happens when a tragedy occurs in someone’s life, family or friends. Situations that can cause grief include the death of family members or friends, or the diagnosis of terminal illnesses that will eventually lead to death. Human beings are emotional creatures which means in case of circumstances like this in their lives, grieving is inevitable. When thinking of how you may lose someone you love forever, emotions may surge strongly causing an individual to be irrational as they are acting on their emotions.

What people need to understand is

What people need to understand is that grieving is natural because people can’t just carry on with their lives as if nothing has happened when a family member or friend dies. People going through this need to be surrounded by people who care so that they cannot succumb to their loss. There are a number of reactions to grief which may be different from other people. Individuals first go into shock when receiving bad news of maybe death. Most cannot believe that someone dear to them has suddenly passed on. Going through shock can make others go hysterical while some may quietly digest the news.

Grief: The Process of Grieving

The healthiest way to go through such a difficult period in life is to slowly accept the emotions without letting them control your life. Grief does not mean that it’s a must for death to occur for you to feel it, but it occurs in situations that cause you extreme anger or sadness. Allowing yourself to feel the pain, anger, shock before gradually accepting the situation and moving on is fundamental for you to get over the past.

Others find it hard to find their way out when grieving because the things that they hold dear were a huge part of their lives. In such cases, human beings find themselves extremely depressed because letting go is difficult. Consulting with a health care professional or a shrink may be necessary. Grieving affects the mental well-being of a person, and so trying out new activities that make you happy is important. There is no fixed time period for a person to move on from a situation that affects them negatively, it can be from months to years later. Most circumstances may be irreversible, it is imperative to get yourself together due to grieving can make others think about self-harming.

There are five stages of grief which are denial, bargaining, anger, depression and finally acceptance. Depression is the most dangerous stage in this process as others will continue reliving the past while blaming themselves or others. Those who find it difficult to accept their circumstances and eventually learn to live with it may end up committing suicide. It is important for such a person to be surrounded by familial love to help them through these difficult moments in their lives. What everybody should pay attention to is that grief is a part of life as normal human beings and, it may happen to any one of us.

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