Reasons Why Grief Hurts

Reasons Why Grief Hurts

Grief hurts when the life you had with the departed comes to a complete stop. The fun and all moments that mourners would spend with the deceased become irrelevant. Grief hurts as all plans that were made with dead people will not happen without them being present. Mourners will feel like life has stopped and cannot proceed with anything because a friend who was supposed to be there for them is not. This hurts as mourners will have to completely change themselves for them to accomplish any plans that the deceased was included in.

It hurts because people that a

It hurts because people that a griever depended on are gone and those that were never close are the ones who come to condole with them. Your relationships will change as people who are important to mourners are dead. A griever will spend their time with distant friends or strangers who come to help them emotionally. Relatives whom grievers barely knew are the ones who come and become key influencers in their life. A mourner will have to cope with having new friends as major players in their lives for them to replace and move on without their dead partner. Those that you strongly trusted to always be there for you disappear.

Since those who were not close

Since those who were not close to the departed do not understand, grief will hurt you as they will say unhelpful things. Friends will try to comfort grievers by claiming that they understand the pain but that is not the case as it is a griever who knows the pain that is felt. Grief can sometimes trigger unresolved pain that might make mourners behave in a strange manner that their close friends will not understand or find threatening. This will allow them to distance themselves from those claiming to give them time to heal but this could hurt them more. When grievers do not have someone to help them, the pain will hurt more and making this a challenge for them to recover from the loss.

Reasons Why Grief Hurts

Depending on how strong the feelings that a mourner had towards the deceased were, they feel more pain when the departed was more important to them. Grief hurts as it is about feelings that come after the person dies which crashes and shatters your heart. Since grief hits the core of our being which hurts so much, you cannot control or prevent yourself from feeling the pain.

You are never prepared to lose a loved one but rather comes unexpectedly. Grief hurts as it comes without notice as grievers lose a person when they are not yet ready to live without them. When you are prepared for something bad to happen, pain felt is less than if a catastrophe happens unexpectedly. Death will hurt grievers as they will not know how the future is going to be without their loved one. You will feel like the future is uncertain and think that it will be impossible to survive as your loved ones played the major part in their lives. This is why a griever might find it difficult to cope with this situation and end up committing suicide due to the belief that they cannot survive by themselves.

Because love is a feeling that goes deep, grief is the price you pay for loving. Since love is a strong feeling that connects people, grief is the pain felt when required to cut ties with the person. Grief is the painful part of love where you are required to let all the love that you had for the deceased go so that you may recover from the loss. When you lose a person, it feels like a part of your life was taken from you which hurts so much. All the pain that mourners feel after losing a partner proclaims the depth of their love.

People do not feel like themselves after losing someone who was dear to them. Questions will start surfacing and the more they question themselves the more it hurts. A mourner will not believe that the person they were with a few days ago is gone. Emotions will surge and grief will hurt you personally as it was your loss. It is your personal relationship with the deceased that was affected. Since it affects you on a personal level, you will have to face it alone.

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