There Is No Limit Period For Grief

There Is No Limit Period For Grief

Grief is the response to the loss suffered especially of someone or something you had developed a bond with. Losing a close member of relatives can be caused by death. Material things such as houses can be lost through burning in fire, and grief can arise due to such losses. There is no set period of grieving as we are different in coping as well as responding to a certain occurrence. Longer periods of grieving depend on the relationship that existed, or the contribution that the lost thing/person offered in the lives of the grieving. Grieving may take longer periods as well as shorter periods depending on the adaptability after the loss.

In a family scenario, say a

In a family scenario, say a father who dies is the sole breadwinner, paying all bills and driving a family to places can lead to prolonged suffering for family members. The first three months after death occur are bearable since friends are committed to comforting as well as supporting you. As support fades, adaptation to living without the late starts to grow. One of their family members will obviously take over responsibilities that the late was responsible for. Grief may be experienced when you are performing a duty that the late loved to do, but this reduces with time.

After a year, a grieving family

After a year, a grieving family can start feeling the gap left by deceased ones and changes that have taken place since he died. Depending on the bond that exists, some get it easy in a new adaptation while taking longer periods to heal. Development of stress plus depression may take advantage of this situation. Depression as well as stress may lengthen the grieving period, and can sometimes lead to mental illness if left unattended. There is no limitation to the period of grief that people should be grieving since some losers adapt quickly to a new normal as others take long to accept.

There Is No Limit Period For Grief

During grief period, you may have good days when the sad feeling is low and as you motivate yourself that all will be good. Bad days will also be part of you especially when a birth-date arrives. Television programs that were loved by the deceased can raise anguish when they are aired. Pets such as dogs and cats left behind are as well as reason for a prolonged lamentation. Clothes belonging to a dead close person should be kept away from vicinity if upon seeing those raises distress. Favorite positions in the house can be rearranged to mark a new beginning as well as reducing imaginations.

Agony can last as long as ten years if you do not work hard against it. If you lost a house due to fire, it is advisable that you delete all the photos of the same. Losing photos of your burnt house that maybe took your greatest sacrifice to acquire can lessen the pain. Avoid places that you commonly visited with the late before he/she died. Explore new places as they will draw your attention from your old experiences. If necessary, avoid preparing your favorite food that your loved one cherished most to help alleviate your sorrow.

It is estimated that youths and teens suffer longer periods of distress, but it depends on the kind of present bond. A youth or teen still in school may lose a dependent that could have shaped a future. Once these young people lack the support, they may fail to continue with schooling, and on the worst outcome, get into bad companies. These young people can be heard lamenting and wishing to regain their loved ones once again. Such utterances are a sign that a human being is undergoing grief that led to that bad condition.

Characteristics of a person suffering from grief can include being anti-social. Exclusion from the group of friends as well as getting irritated easily is a sign of sadness. Agony can affect humans mentally, socially, psychologically, behaviorally as well as spiritually. Depending on who or what has been lost, grief is a common feeling to undergo. Physical effects of grief have also emerged in humans, and they include, but are not limited to weight loss. Grief is a normal feeling, yet it should be given time to reveal itself. We may not have the same spans of distress, yet this is very normal.

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