What Makes Grief A Silent And Lonely Emotion

What Makes Grief A Silent And Lonely Emotion

Grief is a reaction that occurs to someone as a result of the loss of special people through death. It can also be caused by a difference in family ideas that don’t fit your preference. Going through a divorce is likely to cause someone pain which leads to loneliness. Grief can be dealt with in diverse ways depending on how and what brought it about. The death of a close friend can be endured more easily compared to the loss of a child. The loneliness that results from grief might be extreme and has to be dealt with seriously.

When grieving, a heart undergoes pain

When grieving, a heart undergoes pain which makes the mind unstable in making decisions. Dealing with grief makes it hard to be joyful which results in a lonely emotion. A lonely person is mostly silent because of a silent battle being fought inside the mind that cannot be revealed on the outside. Dealing with grief is not as simple as it may be thought to be when looked at. The loneliness that results from grief is hard to deal with since the loss that occurred is an irreversible action. This leads to a struggle in accepting the reality of the current situation that brings hardness in recovering from grief.

Depending on the nature or depth

Depending on the nature or depth of loss that occurred, grief becomes a silent and lonely emotion. The loss of a family member or relative cannot be treated the same as the loss of a colleague. Whenever a colleague passes off, it is the work side that may be affected to a given extent. Losing a family member leads to depression in the mind as a result of the bond that closely puts you together leading to a lonely effect. Most of your time might be spent thinking of the dead person concerning the special bond held. Mourning the person, therefore causes emptiness in the body which brings a lonely feeling in someone.

What Makes Grief A Silent And Lonely Emotion

Accepting a negative impact is hard to deal with because of an investment that may have been. Losing a child or a parent is a hard negative effect in life that takes a long time to accept. As a result of the unacceptance of that situation, a lonely mood builds inside a grieving person that brings silence making it harder to deal with grief. Acceptability in most situations depends on the closeness that people share before a tragedy strikes. Whenever close people lose ties bringing them together, dealing with that loss becomes hard leading to a lonely situation.

At a time when ignorance in taking healing steps to resolve grief is followed, it becomes a lonely emotion. After a disturbing or shocking situation has occurred to the heart, it necessitates taking time to get back to normal operating conditions of the body. Lack of observance of this time might lead to a big blow to someone’s emotions because of the shift in emotional balance. This in turn causes a lonely feeling in a heart experiencing the loss that may be a danger signal in other situations.

Lack of moral support from those close to you might lead to a build-up of lonely emotions. Whenever a death occurs, close relatives and friends go through a hard time trying to accept the situation that happened. Getting help through a friend in the form of guidance on some steps of dealing with grief helps ensure that you are emotionally stable. Being emotionally unstable creates a feeling alone that affects the functionality of the mind, causing harm to the body. Moral support can be issued by close friends or relatives who may be strong enough in dealing with matters like death.

Grieving is an emotion that creates an emptiness in a heart, but whenever guided in correct ways, coping with it becomes simple. Whenever a death occurs, the choice of words told to a grieving person is important. There are words used to create more disturbance to the mind and harden the already complicated result. Saying soothing words to them brings an easy feeling in the heart as compared to using complicated or harsh words. Soothing words help in reducing loneliness in the mind and enlightens them. Loneliness brings thoughts that may lead to harm being caused to yourself or others in the surrounding.

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